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traumatic protection visas

“What [they] would be saying is that they have no place in Australia. They are only to be here temporarily … Can you imagine what temporary entry would mean for them? It would mean that people would never know whether they were able to remain here. There would be uncertainty, particularly in terms of the attention given to learning English, and in addressing the torture and trauma so they are healed from some of the tremendous physical and psychological wounds they have suffered. So, I regard [their] approach as being highly unconscionable in a way that most thinking people would clearly reject.”

A quote by Phillip Ruddock (then-Coalition Minister for Immigration) in 1998 referring to One Nation’s policies. Temporary Protection Visas were introduced by the Howard Coalition Government on October 20, 1999.

show me the money!

by Matt Anslow and Greg Attwells
(For this to make sense you should read our previous post, entitled Religion Sells)

While Jerry MacGuire may have screamed this now-iconic quote down the mouthpiece of a telephone as his cocky client bounced playfully on the other side of the line whilst encouraging him to say it “Louder Jerry!” the truth is that in the end it wasn’t the money which was important. It was family, relationships and even professional ethics that came out on top at the end of this classic flick named after its main protagonist.

Perhaps Jerry MacGuire can reveal something to us, the Church, in the terms of what we should value most. Keep Reading…

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