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a full-er fourfold gospel?

About nine months ago a friend and I were preaching at a Church and the subject was “The Kingdom of God.” Easy, right? Well, anyway, we decided to simply have a public conversation, and our preparation was to sit down for an afternoon and dialogue about the kingdom.

What came out of that conversation was exciting for us. In fact our discussion has largely shaped the way I articulate my framework from which to discuss the gospel and the kingdom.

A Generalisation - Contemporary Evangelical Salvation

Our basic premise was this – evangelicals have tended to see “salvation” as being primarily related to one’s own reconciliation and continuing relationship with God. Thus salvation has tended to focus on the dynamics between humans and God, and how that might affect an individual’s post-mortem fate. However, if we go back to the beginning of the Scriptural narrative in Genesis 1-11 we find that such a view of salvation is, though present, inadequate to make sense of the entire story. Read the rest of this entry

predestination: have we predetermined God?

Chess Board

In the last week I have constantly been approached in regard to conversations concerning Calvinism.

I don’t know why. I am one of the least interested people in the subject that I know (ignoring of course my stupid post about ‘Calvin Crunch’…). For some reason, though, it seems that the issue of predestination is on a lot of people’s minds. Indeed, there does seem to have been a bit of renewed interest in the subject from the Reformed wing of the Church (think of guys like Mark Driscoll, for example).

What I am about to propose is by no means definitive, for a few reasons; 1) I haven’t really done the relevant reading on Calvinism, 2) I don’t know everything…, 3) I’m not even particularly interested. But hopefully some of my thoughts can help you think about the issue of predestination from a new angle (whether you are a Calvinist, Arminian, Molinist, Open Theist or other…).

Oh, one more thing before I start – please make sure to carefully read what I’m saying before you jump to conclusions, and then after you’ve thought through what I say feel free to commend or crucify me. Keep Reading…

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