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younger than the happy meal? evangelicals, abortion and ahistoricism

An interesting and revealing article appeared on a Patheos blog some days ago claiming that the current and standard Evangelical view on abortion, that human life unquestioningly begins at conception, can in fact be traced to a point no less recently than 30 years ago.

In his post, entitled The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal, Fred Clark shows quite convincingly that the contemporary black-and-white approach to abortion, an approach that has been taken for granted by many as simply biblical, was not in fact the view of conservative Evangelicals 30 years ago. Read the rest of this entry

rest in peace john stott

John Stott, one of the most read evangelical authors of the 20th century, has died at age 90.

Stott wrote over 50 books, and is widely believed to have played an instrumental role in the resurgence of evangelicalism in England. His book Basic Christianity was published over 50 years ago, and has been translated into more than 60 languages.

Stott was a key contributor to the 1974 Lausanne Covenant, and is also believed to have been a major part of the renewed interest in social justice among evangelicals.

His book The Cross of Christ, now over 20 years old, continues to be a classic on the subject of the atonement and the centrality of the cross fo Christian faith.

One does not have to agree with everything Stott ever said or wrote to acknowledge his impact of evangelicalism, and his godly character. He has deeply affected many for the better, and he will be missed by many.


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