the parable of the neighbours and the fruit trees

Warning: this is a foray into the strange world of creative writing; this could be good, or really bad…

A rich man observed his garden and said to himself, “I must secure more fruit, for my fruit trees are old and can no longer produce enough to sell at the market.”

So the rich man quietly crossed his fence and entered the very small garden of his poor neighbour. He took many bags with him and emptied his neighbour’s fruit into them. When he had completely stripped his neighbour’s trees he went back home, and eventually sold the fruit for a high price.

The poor man, upon finding his trees stripped, said to himself, “I am no longer able to make a living selling my fruit. Now that I am in need I will go to my neighbour for help.” He went to his rich neighbour’s front door to see if he could find help to secure a meal for his family.

Upon seeing his poor neighbour on his property the rich man was furious. He called the authorities, and had the poor man arrested for trespassing.

When asked why he had trespassed on the rich man’s property, the poor man said, “I meant no harm, but simply wanted help to feed my family since my fruit has been stolen and we cannot earn enough to eat.” But the rich man responded, “You evil neighbour! You trespassed on my property, though you were not welcome. Now you will be sent away with those like you.”

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.


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  1. Maybe we Christians need to remember the greatest refugee of all was our own Jesus Christ – refugee in Egypt escaping from Herod’s diabolical schemes!

  2. Great parable Matt, and yes this probably does mirror the situation of many who find themselves as refugees. However I don’t think it mirrors the situation for all that find themselves as refugees.

    I speak of the many that find themselves leaving their countries of origin as “economic refugees” not as victims of violence and religious persecution. I don’t think on first reading that your parable encompasses “all” situations.

    I also don’t believe that the majority of Australians have issues with giving shelter, aid and comfort to those refugees who are already placed in refugee camps dotted around the world.

    I believe that what many Australians are intolerant of is those “perhaps small” groups of refugees that make their way through relatively “safe” countries to then get on boats and make dangerous journeys to Australia, having paid sums of between $10 – $20k to travel, and possibly stepping ahead of those already in UN sanctioned refugee camps without a cent to their name.

    I guess a relevant question would be… What does Christ think of these people? What is his response to those that would portray themselves as refugees that would place themselves above the possibly more authentic refugees in humanitarian camps?

    The next question being is there a difference between these so called economic and “actual” refugees and should a distinction be made?

    Over to you…

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